Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lair's poker

Lair's Poker by Michel Lewis

Just finished reading Lair's Poker. The book is about the author's days as a bond trader with Solomon brothers, and how the rise and fall of solomon brothers and the bond market sort of co-incided with his career. Lair's Poker is a game where each player holds a dollar bill in his hand and each one makes a claim about the count of a particular number. E.g four 7s i.e there are four 7s in the numbers of the dollar bills of all the players combined. The next guy can either up the number or call a new bid for another number and the game goes on till some one challenges the call made by a player.

Apparently it was the favourite game of Bond traders on the solomon floor.
An interesting and gripping book about the life of a trader during the good old days when rules were not so strict. Narated in a very lucid manner without any unnecessary jargon. Makes an interesting read even if you have no intentions of being an i-banker.

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Prabal Aggarwal said...

HI Sankey
Welcome to the blog. Its an interesting review of the interesting book. It reminds me of the card game 'BLUFF'. I haven't read the book but i think the fundamentals must be the same. But, i would definitely like to read it. Do you have e-book of it? Secondly, the book has reviewed earlier also on this blog. You may refer to it And keep posting :)