Saturday, June 23, 2007

Strategy and the Business landscape by Pankaj Ghemawat

Do you really know what the Business is? Do you know SCA? Do you know the “learn to burn ratio”? What is the slack and Hold up for your business? I’m not sure if you have not read the book “Strategy and Business landscape” by Pankaj Ghemawat. Business is all about learning and adapting to the external environment as well as internal environment. This book gives the good understanding on the modern theories used to plan your business. It starts with historical perspective on the field of strategy. This approach offers several advantages. Then it slowly progress to the early work on environmental analysis by giving in-depth analysis on Michael Porter’s influential “five forces” framework. Then finally it progresses to the dynamic issues for sustainability and superior performance model. The some of the tools understanding given in the book is Andrew’s Strategy Framework, Ansoff’s product/mission Matrix, BCG and the experience curve etc.

The book shows you how to look for the proper fit with applying the trade offs between the resources. Whether responsible for developing and implementing competitive strategy at the business, corporate, or global level, senior executives and teams must have an in-depth understanding of not only strategy itself and the strategy development process, but also of what it takes to sustain a unique value proposition over time. This book will help you to achieve the sustainable competitive advantage above your competitors.

The book is very practical and rigorous. There are rich examples to understand all the concepts in detail. The 10 real environment cases will form a good pillar to your knowledge. So read this book strategically.


Funda-mentor said...

Bhai compulsary tha toh bhi padhneko nahi hua, interest se kya khaak padhungaa!!!
Guys, take a dictionary along if you want to read this one!

Anonymous said...

Was this in your syllabus? Hahahaha Vicks toh bolta bahut complicated hai.. But I like your dedication Abhishesh, I will try to get hold of this book.