Saturday, June 9, 2007

One Night@Call Center

By Chetan Bhagat

The latest book I read was ‘‘One Night at the Call Center’’ by Chetan Bhagat. The book is not recent, but I had the pleasure of reading it only a few days back. The book is set in one night. The story is about Shyam, Vroom, Priyanka, Radhika, Esha and Military Uncle, working in a Call Center in Gurgaon, who get a call from God one night, which changes their lives.

This book is quite different from Bhagat’s first book Five Point Someone that was about three IIT students. One Night at the Call Center really shows the way Bhagat has grown as a writer, his writing has better flow, and the novel moves at a good pace. It is a real page-turner and once you pick it up you cant put it down till you finish it.

The topic chosen also has a much wider scope than IIT, I mean who goes to IITs now a days, few geeks who have nothing better to do but cram all day for two or more years. But call center is something everybody can easily relate to. Our cousins, friends, and neighbours all work there, and the industry is catering to the job needs of most of our younger generation who have nowhere else to go.

This book presents a morbid picture of the life of call center employs. It tells of the hardships a call center employ has to face in his job, which might be just as cumbersome, or even more, than any other job. The book is real depressing at times but touches your heart with the emotions and the complex network of relationships of the characters. The love story of Priyanka and Shyam is portrayed in quite a realistic and enticing manner.

Although the guys actually working in call centers might not exactly agree with the book, but who cares, the book is great. I finished it in one sitting and that’s something considering I don’t usually sit idle even for ten minutes. The book is an eye opener. The story is so touching that it makes one think and reflect of the hidden truths in life. Things you know but you just don’t have the courage to face. It made me think of the aims I had in my life and whether they were actually what I wanted to get. It made me focus even more strongly on my goals. The experience was enlightening for me and it is a book I’ll always cherish reading.

In short Chetan Bhagat has done a fantastic job with the book and he is one of very few Indian authors who have made a name for themselves in a world dominated by the Haileys and the Archers. Three cheers for you. Keep it up dude, you are doing an excellent job!!!!


dreamkiller said...

sachin bhayi kya hai ..!! books ke review mein apne call center ka review dal diya ..!!

zara mera wala parh ke dekho ..!! maine apse pehle likha hai ..!! zara nazar dalo to ..!!

Prabal Aggarwal said...

Dear Dreamkiller
I can understand ur sentiments. but, in this blog there is no limit to no. of reviews of the same book. coz its from different people. and our audience like the variety :)

Naviin said...

This book is plain nonsense, dangerously illogical and purely irritating.