Friday, June 8, 2007

Doctor Series

By Richard Gordon

It is a series of comical novels involving a rouge doctor Grimsdyke who’ll do anything but practice regular medicine, surrounding him are a few central characters, of an old London medical College. A surgeon Sir Lancelot Spratt, the dean SirLionel Lynchfield, and our very own Richard Gordon
The novels, about 20 odd of them, revolve around the life in the hospital in general add to it the rivalry of the two senior doctors and the various adventures of Grimsdyke.

The antics of the characters and the behaviour of doctors are presented in highly humourous tones and are made interesting further by the desire of Grimsdyke to go to any lengths and take up all sorts of odd jobs to avoid regular practice of medicine. Offcourse there are the odd girls and affairs etc. All in all it can be summed up the f`or anyone who likes Wodehouse, these would be a sure unputdownables.


Funda-mentor said...

I didnt find WODEHOUSE particularly humourous. I know he is humourous ona very different strata, but I have never reached that. Though this title looks very interesting. Also, it seems like a short book. Is it? In that case, I would really try and grab one sumtime.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be fun!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I also think it will be good fun. I am a great fan of WODEHOUSE. We actually had a WODEHOUSE fan club in school.

dreamkiller said...

Welcome Ravana ...Welcome to the world of books reviews.

Book definitely seems to be fun as i can see from other people's comments and i would definitely like to read it. If u have the ebook do send me the copy at following emial ids.

dreamkiller said...

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