Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Diary Of Young Girl

By Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank published in Dutch in 1947 (and in English in 1952), was composed of extracts from the diary she kept while in hiding during the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands.
This is actually a diary written by a Dutch girl named Anne Frank since her thirteenth birthday on 12 June, 1942. She never knew that someday her diary will be read by the whole world with queer interest. It describes the girl as an introvert, who finds none so trustworthy to share her secrets with. She is a lonely girl, who feels that she is not able to convey her real emotions to the people she likes and is highly misunderstood.

She spends two years and a month along with her family and four more people from other family in a hidden compartment to protect themselves from being caught by Nazis and being sent to the concentration camps. The book depicts the terror and miseries in the lives of Dutch families.
She has a sister Margery older than her, who is not much compatible with her. Anne is also not at good terms with her mother. At some points of times she started hating her too much as she thinks she is too superficial and does not care for her. The only person she loves is her father. She has a strong bonding with him and feels heart broken if her father scolds her. But she conveys all these things only to Kitty, the name she has given to her diary, her best friend. She discusses with her all the incidents and events, her crushes, good female friends, and her thoughts including that of love, frustration, admiration, and those of inferiority complexes when her family members made her feel she is no good and used to blame her very often. The whole diary narration makes us understand the convolutions in her mind due to each and every happening around her.

One thing was quite obvious. She was a philanthropist, a person who wanted to see everyone happy and delivered humane touch to every incident however bitter and had a very optimistic view of the whole scenario amidst all the miseries and vagaries of life. They lived a prisoner’s life where they could not move out of the closed apartment for a year and a month. She was sad to hear that people were suffering so badly and felt miserable on the thought that they are saved from all this when their known ones are living a pathetic life and she is unable to do anything for them. She tried to make Peter, the boy from another family staying with them, happy by loving him in a way he was deprived of since then, as his mother was too showy and self centered. He was also lonely like Anne and quite melancholy and both of them used to find solace in each other’s love. She loved the gifts of nature and was missing them all this time. In spite of her human feelings, she was unable to convince anybody of her noble intentions. None of the people around her, including her father were ever able to understand what she wanted from them and her life. She was a actually alone.

In August, 1944, the betrayal of their known ones led to the discovery of their hidden place. They were sent to the concentration camps where they were tortured and all but Mr. Otto Frank died. Anne Frank died in 1945, very close to the release of Netherlands’s occupation. Later on, her diary was published and people came to learn the lessons of humanity and peace by a young girl who died so early but had tears in her eyes for the people she saw suffering in the concentration camps.The book is a must read for all those who are unable to share their feelings with people around them or their closed ones. It is the story of an introvert most of us can relate to sometimes. The book can also be read for the rich content of ideas and a sound, stirring thought process in favor of humanity and peace.

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