Saturday, June 2, 2007

Another contributor to the blog :)

Guys n Gals,
I stumbled across this blog on Orkut , left a comment and got invited by Prabal to contribute here. have been a reader for a while , never meticulous in taking notes or remembering details, don't count on me to get the facts about a book straight, at least not as compared to so many of the posts here.

I have been rambling on about books I read at my other blog > Memoirs of Books Well Written for a few months now. Just to keep track of what I read. I typically read Non fiction , motivation , business , adventure , travel and of course porn/sex. :)

Starting off here with a few titles that Prabal requested I post here. You can also write to me at haribombay (at) gmail(.) com.

Thanks and happy reading !

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Prabal Aggarwal said...

Thanks Hari for posting. I hope readers will enjoy it. Its a good start.