Monday, May 7, 2007

Johnathan Livingston Seagull

By Richard Bach

This is a beautiful story by Richard Bach. The author is renowned to write short and very inspiring stories. It is also a very concise story, not more than hour’s reading.

The central character of the story is Johnathan Livingston, a very young seagull. He was living with his parents and clan. Most of the seagulls around lived for a single purpose, which was to catch fish. Normally, seagulls fly at a low altitude and slow flight. This helps them to catch fish easily. But Johnathan wanted to fly very high and very fast. This was unusual for a seagull. On trying his whims and wishes, Johnathan was scolded by his parents and ordered to live like a normal seagull.

But he was not able to live this normal life. He started to fly alone, away from his clan. He fine tuned his high altitude high speed sky diving. It was very dangerous and brought him many times near to death. But he continued.

Finally, one day he was able to achieve the speed and altitude he was trying to reach. But suddenly, he found that another seagull flying at more pace and height than him. He was shocked and happy at the same time. Then the faster seagull came to him and told him, that there is no need to be surprised as he doesn’t belong to this world. He further told Johnathan that he belongs to the next world, where all seagulls are passionate for and enjoy high altitude high speed flight. And by achieving the similar credentials, Johnathan has secured his place in the next world. So, Johnathan went to next world.

But Johnathan was not satisfied. His need for speed kept on increasing and he kept on practicing. Every time he achieved the new milestone of flight, he was ushered into the next world. And finally after entering into series of next worlds, he was sent back to his original world, in order to help the young seagulls interested in high speed high altitude flights to enter the next world.

In this story, I learnt the age old lesson though in different manner “Nothing is Impossible”.

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Anonymous said...

this story has a lot of inspiration.........and is all about attitude.............positive attitude leaves nothing impossible.............gr8 work Mr.Aggarwal