Sunday, April 1, 2007

LOC-Line Of Control

By Tom Clancy
It was my second experience with Tom Clancy. The first one was ‘Net Force’. That was a brilliant presentation of science fiction with the elaboration of danger that internet and its users are bound to face with its continuously increasing are of influence.This novel I wanted to read from the last two years for two good reasons. Firstly the name ‘Line Of Control’ – this was the same line of control which is the responsibility of my country and it owes lives of uncountable countrymen of my country. Second reason was that it was ‘Tom Clancy’s’.Initial plot was good. But being born on this land I think I know more than the author and co-author. So it was really lousy to find that this good author was wrong at many places. This as a whole forced me to think that writers lack research as well as they bluff at some places. But the difference is that you don’t have any means to doubt or verify.As a novel initial plot was good but during middle of course it lost its pace and readers were bombarded with insignificant timid details.The story tells us that how there was a plot by India to execute nuclear attack on Pakistan and at the same time getting political mileage of the whole world. Then how the American team from OP – Centre was caught in this plot and was left with only one choice to uncover this plot.The narration was full of details that enriched us with the information of military tactics, gizmos, etc. and the description of Himalayan journey was also presented in a way that everybody was thrilled.

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