Sunday, April 8, 2007

Five Point Someone

by Chetan Bhagat

This is the second book I have read written by Chetan Bhagat ( The first one was One Night@Call Center. The style of writing of both the books was same. The author starts with the vivid description of climax scene and leaves the audience in suspense, enticing them to read the entire writing.

The book is about three IITian’s from IIT Delhi, who worked very hard like everybody else to get into this top notch Technical Institute of India. But once they are there, there perception about life and themselves changes. The story revolves about the three central characters Hari, Alok and Ryan. Hari is the narrator of the story.

The story spans from the first day of their college to the last day. It covers hostel ragging, assignments, exams, marks, families and adventures. Hari and Alok are simple family boys whose sole aim was to get good placements from IIT. But Ryan was different. He was smart, talented and dare devil. He was the person brainwashed Alok & Hari regarding their attitudes towards life and studies. He gave them first taste of vodka and grass. He was the person who devised the methodology of C2D (Cooperate to Dominate). But he was the role model of Hari. Apart from their friendship one common bond they shared with each other was Five Point Something G PA (Grade Point Average). And this is where the novel gets the name from.

Ultimately Hari got in love with the daughter of his HOD. And result was that all three had to pay dearly in terms of marks. Then there was interesting event of stealing papers from HOD’s office. When caught, Alok tried to commit suicide and changed the rules of life for all of them. But apart from their casual and mischievous conduct they were fascinated by lubrication technology and worked day and night to provide new face to it. This with initial hurdles lead to the improvement of their impressions in their Mechanical Engineering Department and subsequently exemption from one more semester. Alok and Hari were eventually placed with software firms, while Ryan was still in his style was working on lubrication project.

This story though about IIT, will surely remind each of us about our college days. The story is pure fun to read.